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Paycheck Advance

Paycheck advance options exist, but beware of the unmentioned consequences.

So You Think You Want A Paycheck Advance...

Paycheck advance...that means free money before payday! Oh yesss!

While getting a paycheck advance loan may seem like a great idea, in reality that paycheck advance offers a very volatile situation to put yourself in. The odds of it going awry are very high. You think that you can get money from a paycheck advance provider easily and consequence-free, but there is a lot more to it than that. You must make absolutely sure that you can pay the whole amount of the loan back plus the absurdly high interest rates. Otherwise, you will begin your long road of debt, and it won't be pretty.

Too slow to rock and roll

When you can't pay back your loan the first time, you will immediately be in a very precarious situation. Stiff penalty charges and even higher interest rates will accompany any paycheck advance services you might ever need. You will have to take out even more money to cover your new expenses - and right there is the cycle. Right away it becomes difficult to get out of debt and right away you will experience the ever increasing debts attached to the payday advance. Paycheck cash advance providers know this, they know the dangers of a payday advance and they profit off of your indebtedness. All of the penalty fees, finance charges and interest goes straight into their pocket. That is why it is so easy to get a paycheck advance loan:

Alternatives to a paycheck advance loan

We always encourage people to look into any option that may exist aside from the paycheck advance. For example, ask friends and family. It isn't fun asking people for money, but that option is still better than being in debt with paycheck advance providers. Or, think about the purchase you want to make with that money. Is it really worth being put in debt by a check advance? Think before you act, and know the consequences.

Which is exactly the problem with some forms of these nasty loans. A faxless paycheck advance for example doesn't give you any time to consider your actions, just Kaboom! and you're sitting there with $500 in the bank. To fast. Much to fast.

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